November 18, 2021


Brewing Business Ep. 9 with Quentin McCain!

By: AF Editors

Career coaches sometimes get a bad rap, but their messaging is clear and motivating for their clients. Take Quentin for example, he’s an author, entrepreneur, activist, and son. With an act for generating revenue and clearer mindsets with his clients, Quentin tells of his history in business and the important tools one must use to follow a steady career path in a positive direction.

A rockstar career coach, and dedicated professional, Quentin McCain joins the podcast to enlighten our viewers on the course to transformation! His embrace to further enhance mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being lends the idea that all of us can be successful. It just takes a positive mindset and ability to say “no” to projects when you need to. We take a deep dive with Quentin on how he earned his title as author and entrepreneur in this episode of brewing business with Austin Jack. Check out his latest book to learn even more about him Think on These Things