Meet Angel Fimbres Barceló, AF’s New Special Events and Program Manager - America's Future

April 25, 2019


Meet Angel Fimbres Barceló, AF’s New Special Events and Program Manager

By: AF Editors

Meet Angel Fimbres Barceló, AF’s New Special Events and Program Manager 1America’s Future Foundation is excited to welcome our new special events and program manager, Angel Fimbres Barceló. Angel was born and raised in sunny Southern California. Captivated by the failing economy of her home state and even more skeptical of local politics, she put her name on the ballot and won enough votes to earn herself a seat on her county election central committee. After working on two races, she packed up her bags and moved to Virginia. Now a program manager at the Heritage Foundation, Angel focuses on influencing Congress, policy experts, and foreign diplomats by creating informative, valuable and engaging public programs on Asia geopolitics and human rights violations.

Outside the office, Angel likes to visit the Library of Congress and nerd out on early U.S. history and all the presidential homes around Virginia then turn around and go home to binge on some good Netflix sci-fi to balance herself out. Angel is also fluent in Thai and conversational Spanish, which really just means she can order the spiciest meal in two more languages. She is currently absorbing as much information on U.S. foreign policy as she can, but her education began with a bachelor’s in political science from California State University Channel Islands.

Get to know more about Angel!

Meet Angel Fimbres Barceló, AF’s New Special Events and Program Manager 3What do you enjoy about your career path so far and why?

Being able to strategize new methods for engaging an audience has really sparked my interest in my career path thus far. I find enjoyment in the creative process of delivering program content that will help participants better understand a policy idea or feel more engaged at a fun social event. I can sometimes be one of those quiet people in a crowd, so being able to channel and reenergize event content and positive experiences for professional networking is, in a way, self-soothing.

What has been your history with AF so far?

My love for America’s Future started when I first moved to DC six years ago as a lowly Capitol Hill intern in dire need of friends and contacts. I first signed up to attend the Cultivation Crew lunches to learn about fundraising. Little did I know I would later ask to host the lunch program at the Leadership Institute in partnership with AF. I’ve been to tons of AF circuit events since then, and no matter the theme or network, the friends and peers I meet affiliated with AF have always been warm and welcoming.

Why did you decide to work with America’s Future Foundation?

I decided to take up the role because I believe in the mission. My goal is the same as AF’s in that I want to provide a forum where liberty-minded young professionals can speak freely to their principles and connect with other young professionals in a stress-free environment, without judgment or regard for their party affiliation. I really think AF does a good job of facilitating this atmosphere in the state chapters and here in Washington, DC.

Meet Angel Fimbres Barceló, AF’s New Special Events and Program Manager 4What are you most excited for in joining AF as the special events and program manager?

I’m so excited to put my own personal touch on these events, meet new people, and grow my skills in events and programming. AF has a national presence and already has a great team in place, so I am confident I will learn so much in this role.

What helpful skills do you hold that people could ask you for advice about?

My go-to conversations usually revolve around resume writing and career choices. The longer I stray away from my starter years in the workplace, the more practical it all seems, so it’s ok to ask for help and its ok to offer to help others. Oftentimes just being open and willing to take a detour from your plan and reevaluating your career choices will make you a stronger person.

Book recommendations?

Robert Cialdini’s Influence: Psychology of Persuasion is a must-read for aspiring professionals in any industry where you must work with others, and The Confidence Code by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman is one I like to prescribe for some serious guidance on embracing your instincts, learning to say no, and daring to stand apart from others.