Meet Julie Grace, AF-Milwaukee’s New Chapter Leader - America's Future

May 2, 2019


Meet Julie Grace, AF-Milwaukee’s New Chapter Leader

By: AF Editors

Meet Julie Grace, AF-Milwaukee’s New Chapter Leader 1America’s Future Foundation is excited to welcome our new AF-Milwaukee chapter leader, Julie Grace. Julie is a policy analyst for the Badger Institute – a free-market think tank in Milwaukee – where she researches and reports on criminal justice and occupational licensing issues.

Get to know more about Julie!

What do you enjoy about your career path so far and why?

I love that I’ve been able to combine my passions of communication and public policy in ways that I find meaningful and worthwhile. When you really believe in the work you’re doing, it doesn’t feel as much like work. I also feel blessed to work for and with people who I wholeheartedly respect and look up to.

Why did you choose to work for a liberty advancing organization?

I believe that people, organizations, and communities are more successful at solving problems than government is. Empowering them to do so is what makes working at the Badger Institute (a liberty advancing organization) so exciting for me. I also love using different methods – storytelling, research, reporting, etc. – to convey this to people. One of the best ways to “disagree without being disagreeable,” I believe, is by showing people how free-market policies would actually affect them and their families.

Meet Julie Grace, AF-Milwaukee’s New Chapter Leader 2How long have you been in Milwaukee and what brought you there?

I originally came to Milwaukee to attend Marquette University (I’m from outside of Cleveland, Ohio). Two degrees and a few years later, and I’m still here!

What has been your history with AF?

I first started attending and helping to plan AF events while I was in grad school at Marquette. Once I accepted my current position at the Badger Institute, I knew I wanted to get reacquainted and involved again with the organization and was open to taking on a leadership role.

What helpful skills do you hold that people could ask you for advice about?

As a journalism major in undergrad, I find myself becoming a “go-to editor” for many family members and friends. If something can be said in fewer words, it should.

What are you most excited about for the AF-Milwaukee Chapter Leader role?

I’m excited to meet new people involved in the organization – and to get more people involved! What’s not to love about fun happy hour events with interesting speakers?

Meet Julie Grace, AF-Milwaukee’s New Chapter Leader 3Book recommendations?

Well, I’m currently reading Alienated America by Timothy Carney (for a AF event!), but I also recommend The Social Animal by David Brooks, The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, and The Conservative Heart by Arthur Brooks.

Coffee Order:

Chai latte (from anywhere) or a regular iced coffee from Dunkin’.

Favorite places to travel? OR Places you would like to travel to.

I traveled to Ireland a few years ago on St. Patrick’s Day, which was super fun! But I also love going home to Cleveland for long weekends or spending time at my grandparents’ lake house on Lake Erie.

What is on your “Top 5 Fun Things To Do in Milwaukee” list?

In no particular order: running near Lake Michigan, going to the Public Market, Summerfest (the world’s largest music festival), Marquette basketball games, and brewery tours (Milwaukee lives up to its reputation as the beer capitol).