Member Spotlight: James Czerniawski - America's Future

August 27, 2021


Member Spotlight: James Czerniawski

By: AF Editors

Member Spotlight: James CzerniawskiWe’re excited to highlight the work of AF member James Czerniawski of Americans for Prosperity.

James Czerniawski is the Senior Tech and Innovation Policy Analyst at Americans for Prosperity. His work has been featured in US News and World Report, Morning Consult, the Salt Lake Tribune and more. Follow him on Twitter @JamesCz19.

Most recently, he contributed a chapter to a new book from the Cato Institute, Eyes to the Sky: Privacy and Commerce in the Age of the Drone. Get to know a little more about James:

What motivates you to be an advocate for liberty?

For me, the biggest motivator to be an advocate for Liberty is the desire to ensure that our voice is heard. I feel like advocating for liberty is crucial in an era where we are increasingly seeing the government look for ways to insert itself into varying aspects of our lives. In the tech and innovation space, it can both empower and threaten liberty. On the one hand, the positive impact of technology is felt by vastly improving individuals’ quality of life and empowering them with more choices than ever before. On the other hand, we’ve seen the government, both on the federal and state level, increasingly incorporate and leverage technology to engage in the questionable surveillance of otherwise innocent Americans in the name of public safety. Liberty is extremely delicate, and we cannot take it for granted. Situations like the aforementioned run the risk of trampling the unique liberties that we as Americans enjoy today.

What book or author has most influenced your view of the world?

This is a difficult question, so many people have played quite a role in shaping my view of the world. I think Chris Coyne and his book Doing Bad by Doing Good was incredibly helpful in shaping my views because the book uses the economic way of thinking to explain how sometimes policies, while well-intentioned, will not achieve their stated goal and can sometimes make matters worse. I think it is an important lesson to learn because when looking at policy, it is important to think through the unintended consequences of implementing the idea, and his book does a great job of demonstrating that trade off.

How has AF been helpful in your career?

AF has been incredibly helpful in my career. Matt was extremely helpful in giving feedback on my work, and I could see substantial improvements in my writing and pitches as a result. AF has also been helpful in giving me a network of like-minded individuals to bounce ideas off of. I would highly recommend AF’s programs to any young aspiring professional.