If the Left loves it…

…it has to be good, right Chris? That elements of the Left are rediscovering their taste for state-building should come as a surprise to no one. That the Left shares

Turning Back the Clock

Matt gets it exactly right: A substantial swathe of policy elites, starting with Hank Paulson and Ben Bernanke and George Bush and now evidently including Timothy Geithner and Larry Summers

The Lonely Crowd, Revisited

Up on the main page, we’ve got a monster of an article about David Riesman’s largely forgotten masterwork of sociology, The Lonely Crowd. You hear echoes of the book every

Prepare for the Inevitable

Drezner: Pragmatically, I seriously doubt that the United States can offer anything to get Tehran to halt its nuclear program.  This leads to one of two possible decisions:  pre-emptive action

Of Interests

Of Interests

Christian Brose on national interests (via a critique of Zakaria’s latest): The real sticking point is how a Syria or a Russia defines some of its “interests.” Damascus’s desire to

Saakashvili’s Masseuse

Is this a hoax? Because if it’s not, I’m at a loss for words. This is Mikheil Saakashvili’s masseuse, posing with the president: She’s a real piece of work, this

The Weakness of Genre

“??? ???????” asked Lenin in 1901. Ever since then, learned men have felt compelled to end all descriptive essays with an attempt to outline a way forward. Sometimes, these men

On Demagoguery

I went and listened to the on-air debate between David Frum and Mark Levin at the urging of Massie and Sullivan, and I came away with the surprising conclusion that

Pakistan, Pakistan, Pakistan

Joe Klein reports that Bruce Riedel, head of Obama’s “Af-Pak” strategy review, thinks we should focus our energies on the Pakistan problem: “Afghanistan pales in comparison to the problems in