Stands for, y’know, We Await Radical-life Extension’s Zarathustra. I see Sonny’s on board, praying for the Great Noontide. Then there’s this guy: As Kevin Warwick gently squeezed his hand into

Michael Lewis: Sports super genius?

Michael Lewis is, of course, not a sports super genius, but he is without a doubt the most important sports writer of the last half decade; Moneyball changed the face

Beyond Me…

Beyond Me…

Mr. Poulos is, I think, right when he says that mixing man and ape is probably a bad idea. But, if I could quote one of America’s wisest sages, “God-Schmod,

Dissing Humanity With Chimp DNA

Ronald Bailey has an amusing enough post on Those Crazy Scots — specifically, Scots toying with the idea of crossbreeding people and monkeys. Problem area: Professor Hugh McLachlan, professor of

O Lucky Man!

O Lucky Man!

Interesting look at O Lucky Man! over at The House Next Door. I kind of ignored O Lucky Man! in my Lindsay Anderson retrospective a couple months ago, which was

The No Chin Zone

I think “when Hillary Clinton entered ‘No Spin Zone’” may soon appear in the dictionary beside the word “desperation.” — K-Lo, The Corner Picturing wattled old Hill and Bill (O’Reilly)

Poor, Poor Cabbies

If you’ve lived in DC for any considerable period of time, you have a cabbie horror story. I have several, but my favorite involves almost getting into a fistfight with

All Top Five: Cheap Beer

Ah, Mr. Poulos raises an excellent point: What are the five best cheap beers? PBR. Gotta agree with James, and, despite what I intimated earlier, I love me some Pabst.