Appease of Crap

I’m inclined to agree with Sonny’s cut-the-hurt-feelings-and-campaign take on the hot story of the day. I don’t think Bush was talking about Obama. I really could care less whether Bush

Do endorsements matter?

I’m not asking that question rhetorically, or with an excess of snark. I’m honestly interested to know. Have you, loyal readers, ever decided who to vote for based on their

Burma's Suffering and Ours

Andrew has a roundup of commentary on the possibility of coercive helpy heroism in Burma, meaning Matt Yglesias and Ross Douthat doing one of their good back and forths (as

The Democratic Crack-Up

Never before have two major parties gotten into such a competitive self-destruction competition. What Bush has done to the Republican party, with poodle-like levels of assistance from Congressional Republicans, is

Invade Burma?

Rod Dreher says no, Andrew Sullivan says yes, and Rich Lowry’s source explains why it’ll never happen. Gotta say: I’m with Rod on this one. Somalia was a giant CF,