Miami Vice vs. Sex and the City

Ed Driscoll raises an interesting point while commenting on my appreciation of Anthony Lane. Says Ed: Geez, at least at the apogee of the 1980s, Miami Vice managed to combine

Isn't it ironic…

Ezra points to an article in the American Prospect on socioeconomic (rather than race-based) affirmative action that I find annoying for several reasons. 1.) The subhed declares: “A bad Supreme

The Google Pundit

Ross points us to Michael Moynihan’s takedown of the “Google pundit,” that species of blogger who opines on a topic while knowing very little about said topic.* Which makes me

The Paranoid Strain

Unlike Reihan, I have absolutely no qualms with shameless self promotion. The key to quality shameless self promotion, however, is adding value to the post. I don’t think it’s enough

Mitt Romney = Spiro Agnew?

At The Plank, Michelle Cottle is in a tizzy over the prospect of Mitt Romney as John McCain´s surrogate pointman on foreign policy: Has John McCain suffered a severe blow

Poverty diffusion

There’s a fascinating piece in the July/August issue of the Atlantic by Hanna Rosin about the failure of programs designed to move poverty-stricken families out of the projects and into

Grit vs. Glitz

Lord knows I love both shameless self-promotion and the NBA; as such, here’s a piece by me in today’s Washington Times about the Lakers, Celtics, and celebrity fans. Official prediction:

More troops

More troops

As promised to commenter Will, an answer to this question: “What policies do you think would have salvaged the situation in Iraq circa 2003?” That answer is almost certainly more

Francophilia and the Future of Europe

Jim Manzi has recently re-promoted American francophilia. I like this, and sympathize deeply with French civilization and French culture for many of the same reasons Jim and Charles Murray dwell