Liberal Elitism

Hot on the trail of this amusing piece by Jeff Greenfield at Slate on George Orwell and liberal elitism, we have the New York Times trekking out to the ‘burbs

Patience, Young Jindal

Now obviously the powers of the Vice Presidency have increased considerably during the last two administrations, and just as obviously being veep in a McCain presidency is a special case,

What if Medvedev’s Serious?

We’ve heard so many empty promises and ritual BS from our own politicians that it might just be the right time to take new Russian President Dmitri Medvedev at something

La Bomba…

La Bomba…

I’d like to clarify one point from James’s collegial reply, namely my own policy preference when it comes to Iran. This sentence–“Sonny seems to be arguing that because all three

Restless Bombs Syndrome

That hard-to-describe tingly sensation experienced when your policy options short of force aren’t working. We all feel it. But reactions to Restless Bombs Syndrome may vary, both person-by-person and case-by-case.

2 Minutes of Wish Fulfillment

Do you get annoyed by incessantly blaring car alarms? Ever want to do something about it? Well…why don’t you? .syn{font-family:Arial;font-size:11px;color:#999;}.syn A{color:#999;} Noise I predict this movie will spawn a wave

Bombing Iran

James argues over at The American Scene that John Bolton’s suggesting the U.S. bomb Iranian military camps responsible for sending terrorist squads into Iraq with the intention of killing Americans

A Gold Medal in Cowardice

Hey, remember when the 2008 Olympics was awarded to China, and everyone said it would help open the country up and promote freedom? Yeah, not so much. Says the New

Deconstructing Globalization

Michael Brendan Dougherty makes an enjoyable @TAC upon the metric system, Hegelianism, and their latest champion, Fareed Zakaria. The enthusiasts for the metric system (which is based on incorrect calculations