In general, I find it hard to get worked up when conservatives charge the media with liberal bias. I know a ton of journalists, and though they’re almost all Democrats

The Niche That Won't Shtick

Over at The American Scene, Matt Frost is undoubtedly right to question and even ridicule supposed experts about ‘Millennials’ — that latest incarnation of the Pepsi generation who are supposed

That Crazy Coalition

I don’t think James is wrong, necessarily, but if I can don my inside-the-beltway-elitist hat (a black bowler, complemented by a gold rimmed monocle, natch): To win the presidency, the

Honest Hill

Sonny pushes back against the attacks on Hillary Clinton’s insta-infamous recognition of the race factor But if we can step away from heated racial rhetoric for a second, we should

Patriotic Philanderers

I should respond to some of these Vito-related comments, I think, because they sound reasonable enough at first blush and provide thereby a good means of sharpening my argument. First

The Democratic Coalition

There’s been some interesting chatter over Hillary Clinton’s interview with USA Today, namely her appeal to “working, hard-working Americans, white Americans.” Jonathan Chait takes issue with the implicitly racist appeal

Further Thoughts on Redbelt

One expanded idea: as I mention, David Mamet could have taken the movie in an entirely different direction–more action-oriented and focused on Mike Terry’s background. This is what I wrote

The Will to Beer Goggles

Shocking news from across the pond: Study leader Professor Mark Bellis, director of the Centre for Public Health at Liverpool John Moore’s University said: “Millions of young Europeans now take

Harold and Kumar Go to MSNBC

Actually it was just Kumar. Kal Penn was on Keith Olbermann’s show Monday, and the following interview was full of silliness. To his credit, Penn admitted that, whatever grievances he