Cinema’s Selsun Gap

I’m talking of course about the preponderance of flakes visible in female-oriented film. Manohla Dargis bemoans accordingly. My understanding is that The Invasion “fizzled” because it was a bad remake,

Bury My Heart at Wounded Liver

Deep as it runs, my appreciation for Pabst does know limits. Those limits have been obliterated by this man: SOUTH CHICAGO HEIGHTS, Ill. — Bill Bramanti will love Pabst Blue

A Path Secured, Part 2

As I mentioned last week, the Clinton camp has been pushing the meme that, regardless of whether or not the delegates from Michigan and Florida are seated, the raw popular

The Quest for Responsible Neoconservatism

I’d like to endorse my American Scene colleague Noah Millman’s incisive comments on diplomacy and benign American power: our unipolar moment makes diplomacy look rather different than historical models. And

On Franken and Taxes

I have no real love for Al Franken–he’s annoying, an arch-liberal, and (mostly) unfunny–but I can’t really get up in arms over the fact that he got tripped up by

Iron Man as Political Rorschach

Iron Man hits wide release today, and my extended thoughts are over at the Standard‘s website. But I would like to expand on one of the points I raise in

Libertarianism and Moralism

With Will Wilkinson safely on the other side of the Earth, I am free to agree with him about something: It is tyrannical for parents to attempt to reproduce their

'Iron' Wrinkles

Ann Hornaday doesn’t really like Iron Man: Toggling between Stark’s impish goatee and Iron Man’s full-metal body condom, and amid so many generic fireballs, kill shots and earsplitting thumps, bumps