February 28, 2012

Roundtables and more in Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Raleigh

By: Richard Lorenc

AFF is hot in the states!

This week, AFF chapters in Chicago and Pittsburgh are having events, and the Raleigh chapter’s first-ever event takes place next week.

On Tuesday evening, AFF-Pittsburgh is teaming up with the Pennsylvania Chapter of the NFIB to ask (and answer), “Where have all the jobs gone?” They’ll discuss excessive regulations that are making it difficult for businesses to open, serve people, and create new jobs. Click here for more information on this event.

On Wednesday evening, AFF-Chicago will ask another question: “Is America still a meritocracy?” Is success based on what you know or who you know. We don’t know what the consensus will be by the end of the roundtable, but attendees will certainly get “just desserts” from the cupcake and candy bar. Click here for more info.

Last week, the Chicago chapter got AFF’s name in the Chicago Tribune in a letter to the editor on the closing of Chicago’s famous Hull House, which performed work for the State of Illinois without ever receiving the compensation it was promised. Scroll down on this page to see this letter.

Finally, AFF’s Raleigh chapter is gearing up for its first-ever event: “Should the constitution define marriage?” On March 13th, they’ll be discussing a proposed amendment to the North Carolina constitution, which is being offered to voters this May. Click here for the details.

As always, if you’re interested in any chapter activities or in beginning your own local AFF chapter, contact Richard Lorenc.

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