June 11, 2024

Another Successful AF Gala!

By: Anthony Miragliotta

On Thursday, May 29th, young professionals from near and far attended the 29th America’s Future Gala at the beautiful Larz Anderson House in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, DC. Personally, this was my second annual gala. I do anticipate being back next year. But what makes this event so extraordinary?

Another Successful AF Gala! 2

For starters, you can reconnect with people from your chapter city or regional hub. And you get to meet members from across the country. I also ran into many people who participated in one of AF’s many fellowships, especially those who participated with me in the Writing Fellowship. It is also a fun opportunity to see former colleagues who are making big moves in the Liberty movement.

The most exciting part is simply being back in Washington, DC. To me, DC is an amazing city. There is always something going on so there is no complaining if you are bored. Plus, the food is delicious! During my stay, I and some fellow AFers went to Agora, a Mediterranean restaurant in Dupont Circle. Me and my friends were incredibly impressed by the exceptional food and customer service. DC is known for its international cuisine so next time you are in the area, this is a must-try!

Another Successful AF Gala! 1

A ton of work goes into preparing a gala for over 300 people. And it went off without a hitch! The Marketing Director at AF, Chloe Anagnos said, “The nice thing was using the same venue two years in a row, saved a lot of time!”  I enjoyed the Larz Anderson house’s hospitality to their guests. The mansion is a historical landmark and serves as a fantastic place to tour when visiting DC.

About an hour into the Gala, AF held its annual awards showcase. Every year, AF inducts 3 individuals into their prestigious 1995 Society which serves as the AF Hall of Fame. One of the inductees was Justin Musella, a board member of the AF-Northeast Hub and Councilman in Parsippany Troy-Hills, New Jersey. “I couldn’t thank AF enough for the incredible honor they bestowed upon me by inducting me into the 1995 Society.” Said Musella. “I will continue to live up to and fight for their core values for as long as I can.” Musella was inducted for his work on the council where he was the only one who opposed a program that would have raised taxes and underfunded the school system.

This was also the first Gala for our newly minted Executive Director, Hannah Ruth-Earl. Who was very excited about how successful this year’s gala was! “We are ecstatic that this was our biggest gala to date!” Said Ruth-Earl. “Looking to 2025 and our 30th anniversary, we’re excited to continue bringing together young people to advance freedom in their communities.” AF members across the country are excited to see where she leads us in the future!

If you missed out on this year’s gala, I HIGHLY recommend you go in 2025. As Hannah mentioned, AF is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Next year is going to be an ALL-OUT event that you are not going to want to miss.

Another Successful AF Gala! 3