June 3, 2015

Atlas Network: AFF celebrates 20 years, encourages new heights for liberty

By: AFF Editors

Editor’s note: this article originally appeared on Atlas Network’s website. Reprinted with permission. 


America’s Future Foundation (AFF) celebrated its 20th anniversary with a conference and gala on May 27 in Washington, D.C., encouraging its supporters to “reach new heights for liberty.”

The luncheon featured Arthur Brooks, president of the American Enterprise Institute. He expressed his deep desire for fairness for all people, saying that, “Free enterprise is the only source for true fairness that economics has ever devised.”


Ed Feulner (former President of Heritage Foundation) and Arthur Brooks. Photo Credit: Kat Ruddy


During the conference portion, a panel of five leaders within the freedom movement shared their advice on shaping the future. “You don’t always have to lead with ideology,” said John Tillman, CEO of Illinois Policy Institute. “How do you build what is essentially a mini social network? If you lead with ideas, you might reduce interest. Lead with things people are interested in.”

The panel featured Elizabeth Stelle, director of policy analysis for the Commonwealth Foundation; John Tillman, CEO of the Illinois Policy Institute; Roger Custer, executive director of AFF; Leah Hughey, director of programs at AFF; and Rick Barton, policy analyst and research fellow at the Charles Koch Institute.


Elizabelle Stelle, John Tillman, Roger Custer, Leah Hughey, and Rick Barton. Photo Credit: Kat Ruddy


Hughey reminded the attendees that everyone needs a little help getting started in their careers. “Whatever the micro ways are you help advance freedom — you should help the younger people realize those are just as important as the macro ways.”

The 20th anniversary celebration ended with a gala at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center.

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