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Join a fun community of liberty-minded young professionals in the Windy City!

AF-Chicago is a professional development network for individuals who believe in the power of personal liberty, entrepreneurship, and innovation–channeled through free markets–to promote positive social change.

AF-Chicago events bring the “doers” of Chicago together to network, learn from each other, discuss key issues, and ultimately collaborate to improve themselves and the city as a whole. AF-Chicago hosts variety of events; previous events have included a happy hour with David Boaz of the CATO Institute and a panel on school choice and education reform in Illinois.

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Chapter Leader

Johnathon Bush

Johnathon Bush

Johnathon Bush is the owner and founder of Not Just Cookies Wholesale Bakery. Not Just Cookies is an online bakery using the power of technology, ghost delivery, and mobile apps to bring fresh cookies coast to coast. Not Just Cookies is here to give you amazing desserts, the right way. We offer traditional desserts and allergen-free desserts to our customers. Johnathon started his first business 14 years ago when he was 13, in his mom's kitchen as a result of his passion for business and love for desserts. Johnathon is an alum of the ASCEND program through Northwestern University, 10,000 Small Business alum by Goldman Sachs, Founder First alum, ICIC alum, and has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, The Wall Street Journal, CBS Chicago, and other media outlets. Johnathon has a passion for encouraging and fostering youth entrepreneurship, free enterprise and is currently building his NJC brand globally.