About This Chapter

The Nashville chapter hasn’t been around for a couple years, so we are excited to be launching again!

Throughout 2024 we will be focused on the following community initiatives: Economic Development, Public Safety, Free Speech, Government Transparency, Infrastructure, and Education. Through these initiatives, our overarching goal is to build a Nashville Chapter that stands as a beacon of progress, where AF’s vision and principles are applied with a keen focus on the aspirations of our residents.

Upcoming Events

Currenly no events. Please check back for updates!

Past Events

Chapter Leader

Jessica Darby

Jessica Darby

Before beginning her career in campaign finance compliance, Jessica left her job as a corporate trainer for Chick-Fil-A to work on Tennessee Governor Bill Lee’s first campaign and subsequent inauguration. After having been educated in a combination of private, virtual and homeschool settings, she attended Impact 360 Institute in Georgia. In 2016, she received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Spanish from the University of Memphis, where she co-founded Powered by Education, a non-profit that serves to educate families on all the educational options available in their state and supports them as they take action. She currently resides in Nashville and Memphis and enjoys hot yoga, biohacking, CrossFit, traveling and Formula 1.

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