June 24, 2024


Civic Season is Upon Us

By: Anthony Miragliotta

It is important to know basic civics in America; and what better time than Civic Season! Civic Season started on June 19th and will end on July 4th. It’s a good time for everyone to familiarize themselves with their civic duties. This includes voting, serving as a juror, or attending a local town council meeting. Unfortunately, many Americans don’t even do these basic duties.

According to a recent report conducted by the United States Chamber of Commerce, 70% of Americans failed a basic civic literacy quiz. The topics covered in the quiz include what the three branches of government are, how many Justices there are on the Supreme Court, and other basic functions of government. It is also alarming that many Americans do not know who represents them on their local council. There are many ways to be involved and express your voice in local government. However, why do so many Americans not seem to care about who represents them in government? Some believe that following politics is a waste of time. I can guarantee that following politics is not a waste of time. Time spent following politics is a big investment. Personally, as a political junkie, I do not expect someone who does not follow politics closely to have the same knowledge as I do. If you want to follow politics more closely here are a few things you can do to get started.

First, join an organization that represents your values. For me, as corny as it sounds, that organization is America’s Future. Not only have I been able to strengthen my skills and develop my career, but a lot of the people who I have encountered along the way have become my friends. We all care about each other and uplift one another. Also, consider joining a local activist group that takes part in national rallies, or a local political party club that best fits your opinions. Remember, be careful of which organization you choose to join. Donate your money and volunteer your time accordingly. 

Second, attend a local council or school board meeting. All politics is local. The decisions that are made locally will always be the issues that affect you the most. If you have something to say at a meeting, go up to the podium and have your voice heard. If it gets to the point where you are not happy with what your local government is doing then run for one of their seats!

Lastly, write a piece to your local newspaper. This can be a letter to the editor, or an op-ed agreeing or disagreeing with a piece the outlet has published. If writing news articles is not your thing, then create an X (formerly Twitter) account and have your voice spread on there. You can also consider launching a podcast or substack page, like I did, to help build your brand and portfolio.

My homework assignment to all of you reading this is to do at least one thing that will help you better understand how our political system operates. With the world revolving around the internet, there is no excuse to not know who your elected representatives are. We can all be active citizens in our society in making the world a better place as long as we put the work in!