100 Million Californians: Can It Happen?

December 7, 2023 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Mid-City Arthouse

5555 West Washington Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90016

California is a paradise, and most Americans are virtually locked out of it. Can that change?

What do we want for Christmas? For paradise to be in reach of most Americans.

But…why is California’s livability even a question? One of the most beautiful, vibrant states in America shouldn’t be a struggle for people to enjoy. But here we are—folks are fleeing in search of something better. Have been for years now.

There shouldn’t be something better. California is the best. And everyone who wants to live here should be able to do that. After all, where better than the Golden State to drink a cup of cheer in the bright sun?

Join Young Voices in Los Angeles they we host Nolan Gray, Ed Mendoza, and Scott Epstein for an evening of conversation, good food, and a bunch of policy proposals we can all talk about over drinks. It’ll be a jolly little time.