AF-Detroit: Support Our Students Discussion

February 23, 2023 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Detroit Beer Co.

1529 Broadway St., Detroit, MI 48226

Join AF-Detroit for drinks and appetizers on us at Detroit Beer Company to discuss supporting student and local school needs.

Drinks and appetizers on us while supplies last! At the most recent meeting, community members expressed concern about our students’ mental health needs. Students do not leave their mental health at the front door when they arrive at school. A student’s mental health state influences how they think, feel, interact, behave, and learn. Suburban schools, private schools, and inner city schools all share mediocre mental health support for students.

Clinical research has established a solid structure and paradigm for providing successful mental health services in schools that preserve student well-being, enhance learning, minimize stereotypes, and increase access. However, if society does not take the role of mental health in learning seriously, school reform initiatives will fall short of the objective of having all kids succeed in school, at home, and in life.

Crisis escalation in the classroom disrupts the teaching environment and raises the possibility of violence in the educational setting. The necessity of creating safe classroom environments and implementing initiatives to reduce crisis escalation in the classroom remains a top goal for K-12 and postsecondary educational institutions. The dilemma is schools’ ability to effectively support their student population is moderate at best. We will discuss this issue and determine our role in supporting our students!

This discussion will feature author Niesha Roary. Niesha was born in Marin City, California, before relocating to Michigan when she was six years old. She holds a Master’s degree in health service management from Central Michigan University, works in healthcare, and teaches at Oakland Community College. Niesha’s writing aim is to promote racial diversity in children’s books. The Very Victoria series is partially based on Niesha’s real-life experience moving from California to Michigan. Her touching writings and vivid graphics remind everyone that the unbreakable links between those we love endure no matter how far away we are.

Links to books: (copy and paste)

Very Victoria Moving to Michigan: Very Victoria: Moving to Michigan: Roary, Niesha, Pavska, Kseniia: 9781737085010: Books

Very Victoria Starts a New School: Very Victoria: Starts a New School: Roary, Niesha, Pavska, Kseniia: 9781737085034: Books

Very Victoria Coloring and Activity Book: Very Victoria Coloring and Activity Book: Roary, Niesha: 9781737085027: Books