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AF-Chicago: The Socialist Temptation (Virtual)

September 23, 2020 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM


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Just thirty years ago, socialism seemed utterly discredited. An economic, moral, and political failure, socialism had rightly been thrown on the ash heap of history after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Unfortunately, bad ideas never truly go away—and socialism has come back with a vengeance in the West.

A new generation of people who don’t remember the misery that socialism inflicted on Russia and Eastern Europe is embracing it all over again. They are attracted to the apparent inclusivity of policies such as the Green New Deal, universal healthcare, free college, and other ideas that claim to help the American public but, in reality, come with disastrous consequences.

In his provocative new book, “The Socialist Temptation,” vice president and senior fellow with the Competitive Enterprise Institute Iain Murray dissects this troubling resurgence and explains:

  • Why the socialist temptation is suddenly so powerful among young people
  • That even when socialism doesn’t usher in a bloody tyranny, it still makes everyone poor and miserable
  • That the Scandinavian economies are not really socialist at all
  • The inconsistencies in socialist thought that prevent it from ever working in practice
  • How we can show young people the sorry truth about socialism and turn the tide of history against this destructive pipe dream

Join America’s Future-Chicago for a conversation with Iain Murray about his new book, “The Socialist Temptation,” and the real threat the resurgence of socialism presents to our freedom and prosperity. Please register to receive the Zoom link.