Not in My Back Yard: How Housing Regulations Prevent the American Dream

June 13, 2022 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


1847 Columbia Rd. NW, Washington, DC 20009

Join America’s Future for a discussion on housing regulations. How do “not in my back yard” laws affect homeowners and future home buyers?

It’s no secret that the housing market is insane right now. But why is the market so crazy? Well, one of the reasons is low inventory in highly valuable areas like DC and its surrounding areas.

But why is inventory so low? If you drive just 20 minutes outside of DC there are tons of undeveloped areas open for housing space, not to mention land for sale everywhere.

Not in My Back Yard Laws are definitely a top contributor. From folks not wanting neighbors too close, to wealthy developers wanting to build McMansions on huge plots of land with no townhomes nearby, to the general hatred for transportation or obtrusive utility work, NIMBYism is preventing new building of homes, which in turn is preventing young people from being able to buy one. We need less NIMBY and more YIMBY (Yes in My Back Yard)!

It’s time to dive into this housing issue and see what we can do so that more Millennials can afford the American Dream of owning a home – even in the DC area. We’ve invited policy experts on housing regulations to guide us through this discussion, and more.

This Socratic discussion-style dinner will take place at Lapis in Adams Morgan. The night will kick off with a time to network and then flow into a seated dinner where we will open the floor to discussion on the policies that dictate housing supply. We will have a few subject matter experts in the room to help guide the discussion and provide helpful insights into the landscape and history of NIMBY.

Dinner and drinks are included in the ticket price.

All AF Hub members (not National members) are able to attend free. Please email Lydia to request your complimentary ticket or with any questions at [email protected].