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Rust Belt Conscious Capitalism (Virtual)

May 20, 2020 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM


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Capitalism is the most powerful force for human progress that we have yet discovered. We have an enormous wealth of evidence that capitalism lifts people out of poverty, fuels innovation, and provides the framework for free, civil, democratic societies. Yet all that progress is not without potential downsides as well.

The history of America speaks to this dynamic. In the late 19th and early 20th century, wide swaths of the country rapidly industrialized and became the home of global industries such as steel and automobile production. This growth created incredible wealth. In the 1920s residents of Detroit enjoyed the highest per-capita GDP in the world. Fast forward to today and this region has sadly become known as the Rust Belt, a landscape dotted with shuttered factories and urban decay.

We can debate ad nauseum the reasons why this happened, but what is more important is to find new ways to move forward. Conscious Capitalism is a new framework for businesses that embrace Higher Purpose as their raison d’être, and that their business exists to serve all of its stakeholders. This new framework is fueling a resurgence in cities across the Rust Belt, and has the potential to revitalize our region.

Join AF-Detroit for this online discussion to learn how Conscious Capitalism companies and communities are pioneering new ways to elevate humanity through business.

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Clark Ruper serves as the COO of Conscious Capitalism Inc. where he works to elevate humanity through business. He previously served in leadership positions at the Atlas Network, Students For Liberty, and the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance, and co-founded MainTask Solutions to provide data, tech, and design solutions for non-profit organizations. Clark studied History and Philosophy at the University of Michigan with an emphasis on the impact of intellectual and social movements on American history. He originally intended to teach High School history but got sidetracked on a career in community organizing. He grew up outside Detroit, spent ten years on the East Coast, then to Chicago, and recently returned home with his wife Greta to be part of Detroit’s renaissance.

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