Why Do I Need a Government Permission Slip to Work? (Virtual) - America's Future

Why Do I Need a Government Permission Slip to Work? (Virtual)

April 28, 2021 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Online Event

Virtual, Via Zoom,

As America’s workforce becomes increasingly mobile, professionals have more choices than ever about where to build their lives and careers. Occupational licenses are often obtained at great personal and financial expense, and many professionals take deep pride in the investment they have made in order to work in their field of choice.

Rather than require skilled professionals to interrupt their careers to invest more time and more money simply to continue work they’ve already been doing elsewhere, states can signal that they choose to welcome workers with a red carpet, not red tape. By eliminating hurdles, states can help new arrivals get back to work faster so they can continue to support their families, grow their careers, and contribute to their communities.

Licensing reform not only benefits workers and their families but is a boon for employers and consumers in the state who will benefit from the increased options and price competition that accompany an influx of skilled labor.

Join us to learn more about occupational licensing and its effects on workers across the country. The America’s Future-Southwest webinar will take place via Zoom live stream and will be recorded to view and share later.

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