March 19, 2010

This is the end / My only friend, the end

By: Sonny Bunch

Apologies to The Doors, but I’ve always loved that line. And now, finally, a time to use it.

I have accepted a new job and, as part of the bargain struck, I must relinquish my regular freelance gigs. So you shall see no more of me around these parts — though I might pop by the comments occasionally. Mr. Adesnik will soldier on without me, so make sure to continue stopping by.

The various permutations of this blog have made it an interesting couple of years. I wish I had some sort of grand thesis about what blogging is or what it means or how it has changed the world (or even just my world) but I don’t know that I do. It has fundamentally changed how I consume the news, that’s for sure: Google Reader has replaced newspapers and cable TV as my aggregation method of choice.

I do wonder what the future holds for blogs and the media in general. Nothing good, I’m sure. Or maybe a bright new future of hyperlocals surrounded by three or four national papers strong enough to charge for content and advertisements. I’m not a fortune teller. What do I know?

I just wanted to give you guys the heads up and say thanks to my dozens of loyal readers (thousands, if we’re being honest; dozens has always struck me as a funnier quantification, though). Hopefully you’ve gotten something out of this little space. I know I have, and I’m sad to give it up. C’est la vie. It’s been fun.