Month: September 14, 2003

Sep 14,2003

Against biography?

British literary feuds are such fun. The journalist, novelist, and biographer A.N. Wilson has just published a biography of sorts of Iris Murdoch. I say “of sorts” because Iris Murdoch as I Knew Her is not a...

Sep 14,2003

Vote ‘no’ on repeating history

My mother used to take me to the ballots when I was young enough to enjoy the event. She would let me punch the card and pick the candidates in...

Sep 07,2003

The Housekeeping Amendment

How often should we amend the Constitution? It’s not a common question, that’s for sure. We tend to think of the Constitution as something holy, revered, and too good to...

Sep 01,2003

Bill Pryor’s bad fortune

Bill Pryor is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. As if the scorn of Senate Democrats wasn't enough, no he has Alabama Christians against him, too.

Sep 01,2003

The erosion that isn’t

Environmental protection in America is under siege–at least that is what some claim. A former Clinton Administration official warns of an “endless assault on basic environmental protections.” Legal safeguards for...