Month: January 25, 2004

Jan 25,2004

Feeding the sharks

There was room for doubt after the narrow 2000 election, but there was none after 2002. President Bush took firm control of Washington, his popularity decisive in establishing Republican control...

Jan 25,2004

Gephardt puts away his disco shoes

Dick Gephardt's loss in Iowa spells the death Democrats' blind allegiance to big labor and its ugly stepsister, anti-free trade protectionism.

Jan 23,2004

Obama pulls the trigger in Pakistan

Hope and change for the U.S., Munir Ahmad of the AP reports, but not for al-Qaeda: Missiles fired from a suspected U.S. spy plane killed 10 people Friday in Pakistan...

Jan 18,2004

A fair trade on immigration

President Bush's proposed immigration reform is a good start, but the best conservative answer to immigration is real free trade.

Jan 18,2004

Burke vs. Reason

Reason believes that the world has become “groovier” since 1968, the year of that magazine’s founding. Not merely “groovier,” mind you, but “groovier and groovier.” In celebration, it has nominated “35 heroes...

Jan 11,2004

Politics like it oughta be

A report from the Democratic primary race in New Hampshire where our man on the scene has been tailing the presidential hopefuls.