Modern Discrimination

It’s an article of faith among many conservatives that pervasive American racism died with Jim Crow. Much of conservative ideology rests on that assumption. If businesses and schools will discriminate

The Smelly Jelly

The Smelly Jelly

I am about as white as you can get. I’ve got pale, freckly skin that burns easily and a high-pitched tittering laugh. I have been accused of sounding “like a

What’s Your Story? Michael Moynihan

Why the hell would a libertarian move to Sweden? “For the only reason,” Michael Moynihan answers. “A woman.” Moynihan, now an associate editor at Reason magazine, the crème de la

A Freezer Menagerie

It began, as these things so often do, with antelope steak. One fine autumn morning a couple of years ago in Washington, D.C., I was lazing around the house reading

Unsafe at Any Altitude

“Everything is half as dangerous as it’s supposed to be.” After 22 years of countless “Safety First” signs, permission slips, waivers, orange cones, speed limits, Nerf footballs, national “Click it

Once in Cassiopeia

Diane Sawyer and Barbara Walters used to mud-wrestle for this type of interview, back when the plum assignment was Mother Teresa or Princess Diana or Jennifer Aniston or President-elect Hillary Clinton. Men never get these gigs.