Lieberman, far-rightist

I must admit to some perverse amusement at the fact that Joe Lieberman is holding onto his committee chairmanship, if only because Kos thinks this is cause enough to primary

Jezebels With A Cause

Whoever was in charge of deciding what to call each generation of feminism knew what she was doing when she settled on the metaphor of waves: Do what you will,



One of the things that supporters of the GM/Ford/Chrysler bailout say is that it’s not fair to blame unions for the unprofitability of cars. Yes, their labor costs make them

John McWhorter on Obama’s election

John McWhorter had a characteristically thoughtful and serious piece on Obama’s election in Forbes a few days back. Don’t miss it. I’m sorry the Sun won’t be around to carry

Good news for freedom

Looks like the government is giving up trying to regulate the online poker industry. I might have to fire up my long-dormant PokerStars account and give it a test run.

Laissez-faire bear baiting

Over at our front page, Cindy Cerquitella reports from Tbilisi where, when the government isn’t getting reckless with Russia, it’s passing remarkably far-reaching market reforms. Check it out: TBILISI, GEORGIA–Back



Personally, being somewhat jealous and envious of Richard’s song-writing and guitar-playing, it is somewhat satisfying that he has not yet achieved household-name status. It serves him right for being so