I can't tell if he's joking…

Over at The Plank, they linked to Jon Chait’s 1997 story about Chait’s evening as a coat checker at the Omni Shoreham during a trio of inaugural balls. In it,

Whitehouse.gov halfway there

Mary Katherine notes that Whitehouse.gov now provides transcripts of Robert Gibbs’ daily briefings. But I still don’t see transcripts of Obama’s remarks. MK also notes that the White House has

Russia lowers the volume

Steve Biegun: Sources within the Russian Ministry of Defense appear to be hinting at a retreat from their plan (which Medvedev announced in his November 5 speech) to deploy Iskander

Blagojevich, Shock-n-Y'all

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has missed the bulk of his impeachment trial (scheduled to conclude this afternoon) because he’s been on a media tour all week, hitting everything from The