Lede of the day

Lede of the day

From a CNN.com story: (CNN) — It took about 110 years and some delicate surgery on his most private parts, but Henry — a lizard-like creature from New Zealand —

Brandeis sells its art

Thanks a lot, Bernie Madoff: The Massachusetts attorney general’s office said on Tuesday that it planned to conduct a detailed review of Brandeis University’s surprise decision to sell off the

Conservatives cheering for Obama?

Yes, Bill Kristol and Fred Barnes. Not exactly two guys known for being friendly to Democratic presidents. In his final column for the NY Times, Kristol wrote: We don’t really

I love Roland Martin

He’s like the Jackie Harvey of CNN: (CNN) — The new president has been in office one week and already the clock is ticking as to whether or not he

Cognitive dissonance at 40th and 8th

This isn’t quite fair, but it invites some needed discussion. Exhibit A: An op/ed in today’s New York Times: “THE basis of our governments being the opinion of the people,

The Pope needs a spin doctor

Ross Douthat: If the Pope de-excommunicates a Holocaust denier, the Vatican press office should be working around the clock, with press releases flying, to provide context and do damage control.