Hayden on Waterboarding

Gen. Michael Hayden, former director of the CIA, walked a fine line this past Sunday on the question of whether waterboarding is torture. His message seemed to be, “I know

I’m an angry gorilla

Because shit is getting altogether too heavy in these quarters — Death threats! Calls for socialized medicine! Torture! — allow me to present you with 2:40 of pure joy. Thank

Demolish West Point!

Yes, serious journalist Thomas Ricks really did propose shutting down the United States Military Academy, aka West Point. Ricks wants to shut down the Naval Academy (aka Annapolis) and the



I’m trying to get my head around both the recently released memos and the issue as a whole. I believe that torture is wrong and that it doesn’t work. But

A health care follow up

Let me second David’s call for a streamlined health care system; having spent a year on a COBRA program (at something like $500 a month, IIRC), I can attest to

That promised longer post (Updated)

I wound up working through most of my thoughts in the original post on the torture memos from Thursday, and I’ve been immersed in Dave Cullen’s new book “Columbine” for the

“Torture” (Updated)

It’s probably not all that surprising that I most strongly identify with this reaction, from Abe Greenwald, about the “torture” memos: Try not to weep for your country’s lost ideals as

The real victims

From Will Saletan’s piece today on United’s plan to charge hyper-obese people more for flights: Lots of airlines are cracking down on fat people. Why? Because the airlines have made