Michael Savage: Crunchy hippie liberal

What leads someone to become a fire-breathing right-wing talk show host? Answer: A Ph.D. from Berkeley in nutritional ethnomedicine. Seriously. The current issue of The New Yorker has a very

Why would you want that?

I have to say, I don’t understand this complaint. After a WaPo reporter explains why the WaPo and other media outlets have written about the Birther nonsense while largely ignoring

Islam, Immigration, and Europe

Andrew’s post on the bombing of the Outgames in Denmark made me think of Christopher Caldwell’s excellent new book “Reflections on the Revolution in Europe.” Chris’s basic thesis is that

The Cocktail Renaissance

I have been remiss in failing to mention my friend and former colleague Robert Messenger’s excellent, longish piece on the rebirth of that classic American concoction, the cocktail. As with

No, you don’t deserve it

Ezra Klein, Washington Post econo/health-blogger and omniscient child pundit, writes the following: [Bill Kristol] says that the Army health-care system — which is fully socialized — is the best health-care