Friedman’s amnesia

Tom Friedman says don’t send more troops to Afghanistan, because there are no positive trends to build on, like the Anbar Awakening before the surge in Iraq. Yet back in

Tom Friedman’s logic

The vote is in. Tom Friedman says no more troops for Afghanistan. Why? When I think back on all the moments of progress in that part of the world —

Feingold’s fantasy

On CBS, the senator from Wisconsin said the following: And the idea that the Taliban is the same as al Qaeda, and they’re going to welcome al Qaeda back with

A superb article on Afghanistan

There’s plenty of material out there, but Steve Biddle’s article in TNR [subscription only] stands head and shouders above the rest. Even if you’re against more troops, you should test

Fashionable racism?

Yesterday, I was flipping through the Brooks Brothers fall catalogue. The catalog tells a story, in which all the models are part of one multi-generational (super-rich, super-WASPy) family. Except for

Michael Goldfarb’s war on J Street

Michael Goldfarb is not interested in constructive criticism of J Street. What Mike wants is to expose J Street as a fringe, left-wing activist group that only pretends to be

Get that man a Slate column!

A comment over at Pajiba: Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows is one of my favorite modern horror films. Why? It’s very meta. It’s a film about people making a

Seeing the light

Seeing the light

Well, kind of. Matt Yglesias* realizes that, hey, some of these people supporting J Street (the liberal counterpart to AIPAC) are, in fact, not fans of the state of Israel