A Retirement Account of One’s Own

In April, government actuaries reported that Social Security is unsustainable in its current form. Unless key reforms such as privatization are undertaken, the program will face a fiscal crisis as

Suzanne Somers’ Bad Medicine

Actress Suzanne Somers recently disclosed that she is battling breast cancer. As she told the Associated Press, “I really feel I’m licking this.” Not with conventional treatments, mind you, but

Internet Babel?

A few weeks ago, eBay, the largest auction web site on the Internet, quietly halted the sale of items associated with hate groups. While ebay has long disallowed merchandise promoting

Amtrak’s Bad Trip

In addition to high prices, weak coffee, bad food, and horrible service, here’s one more reason to avoid Amtrak: It gives federal drug cops your travel itinerary. If the narcs

The Truth about Kids in Combat

Sometimes, it is difficult to be a conservative, because the other side can make you sound so . . . heartless. For example, there is the matter of child soldiers.

Cloning conundrum

The Right has a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde complex about artificial human cloning. Mild-mannered social conservatives fall over one another in disgust at the prospect while Libertarians seemingly stand

Lessons from a Cold Warrior

The first time I used the word disinformation in public, I got an immediate reaction from the audience: A woman said, “You mean, of course, misinformation.” Well, I disagreed. There

Wave of the Future

Old people have always been afraid of change, especially when it comes to technology. My dad, for instance, still refers to the family computer as “the machine.” The poor sap