Bart Stupak, Moderate Martyr?

I disagree with David Brooks’ comments from late last week: JIM LEHRER: What about the announcement today by Bart Stupak, the moderate Democrat from Michigan… DAVID BROOKS: Right. JIM LEHRER:

Where the GOP went wrong on healthcare

Reihan Salam and Josh Barro [subscription required]: Few conservatives have distinguished themselves in the course of this debate. The unwillingness of the congressional GOP to line up behind the McCain

Birther with an MD and a commission

Birther stories are generally worth ignoring, regardless of whether they’re about Barry or Trig. But this one really got under my skin: An Army flight surgeon could face reprimand or

Snail mail from Sean Hannity

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for another episode of the fundraising follies. Today, I got a letter in the mail from Sean Hannity, soliciting funds from the Heritage Foundation. I

Not on my talk show!

This past Sunday, David Gregory cut off Christina Romer, head of Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers, when she strayed too far from reality: MR. GREGORY: You mentioned the stimulus as

Troops accused of murder

I agree with Doug. This video is worth watching. But it must be watched very carefully. The video shows Iraqi men, some of them armed, being gunned down by an

A balanced view of Obama

The New Yorker recently ran a profile of Italian cashmere magnate Brunello Cucinelli. [Subscription only] There is much to admire both in his entrepreneurial spirit and his concern for his

Pharoah, let your people go!

Apropo of Passover, the New Yorker takes a look at the state of tyranny in Egypt. [Subscription required] President Hosni Mubarak is 82 and his health is deteriorating. Mubarak has

Killing Afghan Civilians

Kathy titled her recent post Afghan Civilians Still Being Killed By US Troops in Shockingly High Numbers. She observed, McChrystal’s ground troops are wantonly killing innocent civilians who, by McChrystal’s