Be SMART about your resolutions

According to University of Scranton research, only 8% of people fulfill their New Years Resolutions. You might think: “Most people are stupid.  Sure, 92% of people’s goals go unrealized, but I’m not most people.

Should I Go to Grad School?

Do you want to be a professor? Are you in grad school, applying, or preparing to apply? Do you ask yourself “should I go to graduate school?” or “should I

New Year, New Staff, AND New Board

Happy New Year from America’s Future Foundation! We are pleased to announce three new team members for 2016 who will help you advance AFF’s mission to recruit and cultivate young

What’s Most Important to You?

As you surround yourself with family and friends over the holiday season, you also reflect on what’s most important to you. For Joe Morse, it’s family.  It’s what inspired him