Dragging Lawmakers Into The Digital Age

Lawmakers are desperately trying to catch up with the newest technologies, because existing laws are no longer adequate to cover how we interact and transact in our online communities. Privacy and

Preserve Digital Letters

The spread of literacy in the 16th century, amid a burgeoning production of paper, ushered in letter writing as a new form of communication. Over the following few centuries, countless

Fear California’s Internet Tax

As of September 15, California is forcing Internet-only retailers such as Amazon.com to collect the state’s 8.5 percent sales tax—adding another roadblock to businesses in a state already notorious for

The Folly of Stem Cell Subsidies

President Obama’s decision earlier this month to overturn restrictions on federal funding of embryonic stem cell research was widely praised by supporters. Yet even setting aside the moral controversy involved,

Putting Science in Its Place

Barack Obama ran his campaign as if his principal opponent were George W. Bush. Perhaps unsurprisingly, then, he has attempted to extend his misplaced rhetoric well past last November’s election.

A Scuttled Shuttle

As it stands now, NASA will retire the remaining Space Shuttles—Discovery, Endeavour and Atlantis—sometime in 2010 in order to make way for the Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) and a launch vehicle known as Ares I. By shutting down the Shuttle program, NASA will be able to divert precious economic, human and material resources to the CEV program. But there are problems with this.