December 30, 2008

Fark’s 2008 headlines of the year

By: David Donadio

Fark’s 2008 headline of the year competition has some real gems:

Gerbil causes 3-car accident; article doesn’t say which gere he was in at the time

“Spam King” sentenced to 47 months of having his inbox filled with unsolicited male

One armed girl swims circles around competition

Oral sex study finds that people only read the first two words of web headlines

MILFish math teacher learns that 17 does not go into 35 without a serious remainder

Man killed in Columbia house explosion. No word on if he’ll still get 12 CDs for 1¢

Ugly-ass brown bear cubs make debut in Stockholm, immediately identify with their captors

Buried Chinese miner survives for a week by eating toilet paper and drinking his own urine. He’d be pissed if he wasn’t so wiped out

Pzyssenzyr jet cryzashzys in Kyrgyzstan

“Band-aid” rapist gets 11 years of Johnson & Johnson & Johnson & Johnson & Johnson

(Hat tip: TP)

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