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America’s Future Foundation was founded in 1996 to connect liberty-minded young professionals with their peers, develop their professional skill, and advance the liberty movement.

Nearly 20 years later, America’s Future Foundation has grown in to America’s largest liberty-minded young professional organization in the country! Become a member today—before rates increase this Saturday—to be a part of AFF’s liberty network, advance your career, and get exclusive access to AFF events like the Gala with CATO CEO John Allison!

Joining AFF was an eye opening experience for me. When I first moved to DC, I assumed not too many other people were interested in halting the spread of progressivism. However, AFF showed me the vast free-market network that advances the spirit of liberty, values our Constitution, and defends the free market.

Join before Friday, May 10 and get the $35 rate that goes up to $40 on May 11!

Don’t take it from me. Here are some testimonials from the likes of Tim Carney of the Washington Examiner and other distinguished AFF alumni:

“For many young professionals in DC, figuring out how to advance your career can seem daunting. The networking and professional developments that AFF provides are a great way to connect with other emerging leaders and gain insights from many of DC’s most respected and experienced professionals in journalism, public policy, advocacy, and management. I highly recommend getting involved in AFF to anyone who’s new to town or looking to advance in their profession.”
– Dan Rothschild, Director of External Relations, American Enterprise Institute

“After having only been in Washington for a year, I was given a chance to join as a guest on AFF’s online radio show, write for Doublethink Online, and speak on a panel. The pattern is clear: my major career “firsts” all began with the America’s Future Foundation. Since then, I’ve been on national television shows, quoted in the New York Times, and featured on panel discussions at major think tanks. I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to America’s Future Foundation for helping me start my career and my life as a young professional woman. I’m much better at advocating liberty because of AFF.”
– Kristen Soltis Anderson, Vice President, Winston Group

“When I was a 22-year-old cub writer in Washington, just out of college, I got my first freelance piece published by America’s Future Foundation. From there I became a regular columnist for AFF’s publications, which helped me get the training and exposure I needed to advance my career. AFF was an invaluable asset in building skills, friendships, and my career.”
- Tim Carney, Senior Political Columnist, Washington Examiner

“When I first moved to DC over five years ago, I asked for advice on how to meet people and grow professionally. Nearly everyone pointed me to one place: America’s Future Foundation. I attended my first Monthly Roundtable in 2007 and have stayed actively involved with AFF ever since. From the roundtables, to Crabfest, to the Annual Gala, each event was a great opportunity to network and stay connected with other individuals passionate about liberty. It can be difficult to make professional and intellectual development fun, but AFF makes that happen. I appreciate how they give young people the opportunity to gain public speaking and writing experience – they look to build and develop the movement. For those who aren’t involved, I’d encourage you to attend a happy hour or roundtable and start to take advantage of all the opportunities AFF offers.”
-Heather Pfitzenmaier, Director of Young Leaders Program, Heritage Foundation

Join America’s Future Foundation today to connect with today’s leaders and be a part of its future!

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