January 26, 2018

AFF-Nashville Advisory Board Openings

By: Hannah Cox

Young Professional Society – Middle Tennessee
New Wataugans Advisory Board

The New Wataugans Young Professionals Society for Middle Tennessee is a project of the Beacon Center of Tennessee and America’s Future Foundation. Both groups are non-partisan non-profits committed to advancing free markets, individual liberty, and limited government. Our members and attendees are provided with a chance to network with other likeminded peers in their city, business and thought leaders in their community, and the staff of our organizations. Our meetings will focus on providing these opportunities, as well as introducing our guests to the policies that we are advocating for in our state and city.

Advisory Board Members for the New Wataugans seek to grow our chapter, expanding knowledge of our group and growing our guest lists through promoting our chapter and its events. Advisory Board Members will also provide guidance on future chapter events, opportunities for philanthropic involvement in the community, and ongoing engagement with our members. Members of the Advisory Board serve in a voluntary capacity, but will be provided with an annual board dinner, opportunities for national travel and conferences, and networking with leaders in both sponsoring organizations.

Requirements for Advisory Board Members:

  • Commitment to advancing free markets, individual liberty, and limited government in Tennessee
  • Between the ages of 21-40 living in Middle Tennessee
  • Advisory Board Members will help promote local events by sharing event invitations on their social media accounts, posting about events in other groups, emailing their contacts, and inviting those in their existing network through word of mouth
  • Advisory Board Members are expected to attend at least 80% of the chapters events
  • Advisory Board Members need to be available for quarterly board meetings, which will last no longer than 2 hours
  • Advisory Board Members will help check in guests at events, introduce new attendees to existing members, give welcoming introductions, and help secure speakers and special guests for our events
  • Each Advisory Board member will be responsible for organizing at least one charity event throughout the year
  • Commitment to serve one full year (March 2018-March 2019)

Rules for Advisory Board Members:

  • Advisory Board Members serve in a voluntary capacity. They are free to step down and can be removed at anytime throughout their term.
  • Advisory Board Members are not employees or representatives of either the Beacon Center of Tennessee, Beacon Impact, or America’s Future Foundation and may not at any time speak on any of these organizations’ behalf.
  • The New Wataugans is a non-partisan organization for young professionals in Middle Tennessee. Advisory Board Members must ensure that no election, campaign, or party business is conducted at our meetings.
  • Advisory Board Members are not permitted to serve on other Young Professional Boards in the Middle Tennessee area so as to prevent confusion within our membership and mission.

The Chairman of the Advisory Board will help the Director set annual goals for the chapter. They will be responsible for retention strategies and follow-up outreach to new attendees. The Chairman will also plan any large annual events, help to secure speakers and topics for our monthly events, and assist in identifying new donor and/or volunteer opportunities. They will also assign duties to other board members and work to ensure that all Advisory Board Members are meeting their goals. The Chairman will also have the opportunity to travel to a yearly retreat hosted by America’s Future Foundation for its chapter leaders.


-4-5 Board Members

To apply, send your resume to hannah@beacontn.org along with a little about yourself, what role your seeking, and why you’re interested.