April 8, 2024


Gen Z: The Liberty Generation

By: Anthony Miragliotta

Gen Z is often looked at as the most liberal generation of all time. However, a recent study has come out disproving that theory.

A recent poll shows that about 6 out of 10 Gen Z’ers believe the biggest issues will change America after the older generations are no longer in power. These difference makers are involved in many civic and non-profit organizations, with America’s Future being no different.

“This is a trend we’re seeing here at America’s Future. Our audience is increasingly becoming that 22-26-year-old age range for our events and professional development fellowships. And as the premiere organization for empowering freedom’s young leaders, we’re here for it,” said Chloe Anagnos, the Director of Marketing for America’s Future.

In comparison, 50% of Gen X’ers, in addition to nearly 40% of the Silent Generation and Baby Boomers say things would be worse when the younger generations take over. A typical Gen Z’er would look at this poll and say “OK, Boomer.” There is a correlation between why the older generations would think this way. For starters, the majority of the members of Gen Z still live at home with their parents, mostly, due to the high cost of college. And many of the older members of Gen Z entered a bad job market. When these students are graduating college they find it hard to find a job.

A big benefit to Gen Z is they are the most tech-savvy generation. Pretty much all of Gen Z grew up using a computer at a young age. By the time they entered high school and/or college, they did not write notes, instead, they would type up what they needed to know. Or for the lazy ones, take a picture of the whiteboard and go back to sleep on their desk. 

In the same poll, it shows Gen Z is the most diverse generation. According to the poll, 25% of Gen Z identify as Hispanic, about 15% identify as Black and 10% identify as Asian. Compared to the Silent Generation, overwhelmingly 8 out of 10 people from that generation identify as white. While Hispanics, Blacks, and Asians do not break 20%. This is a good sign for America. America thrives on diversity. It is important to have people from numerous backgrounds which make up a healthy American culture.

When it comes to trusting our institutions, the Silent Generation seems to have the most trust while the younger generations have less trust in American institutions. Institutions, meaning the criminal justice system, legacy media, police, and politicians.

The future of America is here. They are running for office, they write commentary for their local news outlet, they are starting families, but most importantly, they are changing the world! Many older generations do not want to admit this as they still want to hold onto their grip on power in our ever-changing society. Gen Z has a chip on its shoulder and is ready to shake things up!