February 28, 2019

Markets & Free Enterprise

How the Free Market Is Helping Education in North Carolina

By: Leah Nalepa

There is overwhelming support of school choice policies around the country, especially in North Carolina. However, public schools feel that they have been pushed to the wayside, as North Carolina K-12 education rankings remain low, and there is pushback against new school choice initiatives. These conversations have become highly polarized, and while important, it is also critical to find common ground and identify community-based solutions to reach our goal: better resources and educational opportunities for students.

In the midst of the political warfare surrounding education, it is worthwhile to consider alternative solutions to the growing challenges the US education system faces. Outside of the political arena, local entrepreneurs are actively working to solve some of the greatest problems in education, including how to increase classroom engagement, encourage strength-based support for individual children rather than a one-size-fits all Common Core curriculum, and understanding to what extent technology is a benefit to educational efforts.

The education system continues to face fundamental challenges both nationally and in North Carolina, but the free market is providing solutions. Join America’s Future Foundation (AFF) on March 2, 2019 for its first Education Innovation Summit in Raleigh, NC, to explore how entrepreneurs are addressing some of the largest challenges in education. This event provides an opportunity to move away from the traditional school choice vs. public education conversation. The summit will feature a dynamic panel consisting of Hunter Moore (CEO, Plasma Games), Charlie Lyons (President, DRIVE), and Dr. Tim Hall (Director of Operations and Academics Pre-K-12, Thales Academy) who will offer insight into entrepreneurship in education and its essential role in a free-market economy. Following the panel, guests will have an opportunity to visit booths of local companies and organizations who are making an innovative impact in North Carolina education.

The event is an excellent opportunity to learn more about entrepreneurship and the education industry and to connect with other industry professionals and members of the community to find solutions together. Learn how you can contribute to solving the educational challenges of today by attending!