December 9, 2022

How To Make Your Year-End Giving Count for the Planet

By: Kelvey Vander Hart

The end of 2022 is not slowly creeping up on us anymore—it is rushing toward us at full speed. December 31st will be here before we know it, which means one thing: Now is the season for decisions on charitable year-end giving. Are animals and the environment among your charity priorities? Here’s how to make your giving count for the planet: 

Leverage Giving Matches

Nonprofits and other charitable organizations understand that this is the time of year when giving decisions are often made. Donors with deep pockets are often willing to work with these organizations to match incoming donations. If there’s an organization that is on your giving list, it is a great idea to check their website or social media accounts to see if they have announced a current or upcoming match. Donating during a match period can make your giving have a much greater impact. 

Deep, Not Thin

It is tempting to donate everywhere that catches our eye. I get it, there are so many great organizations doing good work. But your money would go much further if it was a greater amount split between only a couple of organizations rather than smaller numbers between many organizations. As you look to the end of the year, consider taking a deeper and more focused route instead of donating smaller amounts across the board. 

What Is Most Important To You?

There are so many different environmental organizations where you could give, but what matters to you? Are you passionate about ending climate change, getting plastic out of the ocean, or funding environmental innovations? Or are you all about saving the bees, funding animal rescues in your area, or ending animal testing? Think about what’s important to you, and identify giving priorities from there. 

Where Should You Start?

Do you know you want to donate toward the welfare of animals and the planet, but you don’t know where to get started? Here are some organizations you could check out: 

1. Article Ice Project: Innovation to limit further ice melt

2. White Coat Waste: An organization advocating against government animal testing

3. Your local animal shelter will always need more donations 

4. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society: A marine conservation and advocacy group

5. 4Ocean: This organization sells products to fund plastic cleanup, but you can also donate directly to ocean cleanup

6. PERC: A free market think tank focusing on environmental policy 

7. One Tree Planted: Funding tree planting efforts 

Philanthropy is important to America’s Future, and it should be important to all free marketeers. Why? Because philanthropy fills in the gaps left between the market and the government. No matter how much or where you choose to allocate year-end giving, know that your generosity is important in making the world a better place.