August 15, 2016


Leader Spotlight: Noelle Mandell

By: Megan Cook

AFF is reaching more Texans ever day with the help of our new leader, Noelle Mandell.

Noelle was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Philosophy. While in school, Noelle worked tirelessly to promote the ideas of social and economic freedom as a leader of multiple student organizations. While completing coursework, she created her own nonprofit based in Texas. Through hosting events with the Texas Millennial Institute, Noelle found America’s Future Foundation. This past spring, Noelle helped AFF start a Houston Chapter.

Noelle sees promise in her city. She remarked,

noelle houston“Houston is a city chock-full of young professionals who are eager to connect with one another. It’s the perfect climate for an AFF chapter because Houstonians are already inherently interested in these ideas; it’s clear by the lifestyle we live and by virtue of the spirit of the city itself. I’m excited to be pioneering a new chapter of a nation-wide organization with an amazing track record for supporting and empowering individuals. I can now make a bigger on-the-ground impact by creating spaces for like-minded individuals to come together and network for a purpose. It’s a great way to promote a freer society while fostering life-long relationships. “

Some of Noelle’s inspirations include Deidre McCloskey, Ayn Rand, and Emma Goldman. Her many passions include ending the drug war, bringing awareness to the LGBTQ community, and addressing problematic foreign policy.

The Houston chapter is still new, but it holds a lot of promise. So far they have had two events with Roger Custer and Bob Murphy as speakers. You can help Houston’s chapter grow by checking out their Facebook page.