August 28, 2020


Learn It, Live It, Love It: The Future-Focused Edition

By: Cindy Cerquitella

I’ve always been a pretty serious optimist, always believing things will work out alright — but the events of this year have put my upbeat nature to the test. The best coping mechanism I have found is staying future-focused. Acknowledge the past, learn from it, and look forward. 

Learn it:
I’m admittedly addicted to Instagram, but one thing I wish I had more of on my feed: people who make great food, talk about style, or go on vacations, who shared my worldview. We’re hoping to create more content like that on our own feed soon, but if growing your audience is something you’re hoping to do, check out this podcast with Marianna Hewitt on how she got to 1 million followers. 

Live it:
Last year, several of our chapters hosted screenings of the new documentary, “They Say it Can’t Be Done,” which tells the story of truly world-changing innovations, in energy, health, and agriculture. The same group has put together a new series of four discussions with these innovators and more called “It Can be Done.” The first installment is September 10. Check it out.

Blogs continue to be an important information sharing mechanism, one of the most influential among freedom communities is Marginal Revolution.They want to see more great blogs join their ranks and are offering a $100,000 grant for new, high potential blogs. If you have an idea, submit an application today.

Launched this month, Free Markets Destroy is a new campaign  that explores the way free and open markets tear down regressive institutions and mindsets. They are asking for you to share your own stories, of innovation, creativity and growth for a chance to win a cash prize.

Love it:
The 1619 Project has permeated the national discourse since last year. A newer project, 1776 Unites is designed to take a fact-based, historic look at our nation’s founding. We need a diversity of opinions in the discussion of race in our nation, and I’m grateful for these scholars and activists bringing that voice.