November 27, 2020

Learn it, Live it, Love it: The Gratitude Edition

By: Jenny DeMarco

Learn it:
Whether you are home for the holidays, with a smaller group, or zooming into friendsgiving meals, conversations are sure to be flowing this weekend. With tensions so high this year, and turkey comas looming, there’s a high potential for things to get ugly. But the last thing you need this weekend is a fight. IHS’ president, Emily Chamlee-Wright, has a wonderful article about keeping your cool and fostering a conversation that’s fruitful for everyone.

Live it:
First thing on the agenda is leftovers! Sneaking into the fridge for a tiny lump of cold mashed potatoes is one of my favorite post-thanksgiving pastimes, second only to making a big pot of stock from what’s left of the turkey. If cold mashed potatoes don’t quite do it for you, check out this list of ways to use up those leftovers (hello turkey shawarma sandwich!)

Next week AFF is celebrating its 25th birthday with a killer digital celebration! We’ll be toasting to our 2020 Buckley and Writing Fellows winners, looking back at vintage AFF, and announcing some big things about our future. Chapters around the country are hosting IRL watch parties, and we’ll be coming to you live from AFF-HQ in DC at 7:30pm EST on December 3rd. We’d love for you to open a bottle of champagne, Uber Eats a pizza, and join us for an action-packed celebration!

Love it:
If you’re looking for a little isolation this post-thanksgiving weekend, might I recommend a few fun things to stream?

To watch while decorating the house for Christmas: Dash & Lilly (warning: this will definitely make you miss city life)
To watch while finishing off the pecan pie: The Queen’s Gambit
To watch when you need a good dose of melancholy: Taylor Swift’s Long Pond Studio Sessions