Buckley Award Winners

Buckley Award Winners

The Annual Buckley Awards celebrate the young leaders making strides to advance freedom and prosperity in their communities across the country. The Buckley Awards are typically announced at AF’s Annual Gala & Buckley Awards.

Take a look at past winners below (organizations listed from time of the award):


2022 (AF)

Kassy Dillon – Journalist
Garrett Ballangee – Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy

2020 (AF)

Corey DeAngelis – Reason Foundation
Justin Owen – Beacon Center of Tennessee and Beacon Impact
Jessica Anderson – Heritage Action
Daniel Erspamer – The Pelican Institute
Casey Given – Young Voices

2019 (AFF)

Austin Berg – Illinois Policy Institute
Brooke Fallon – Institute for Justice
Richard Lorenc – Foundation for Economic Education
Aaron Rice – Mississippi Justice Institute
Matt Warner – Atlas Network

2018 (AFF)

Ericka Andersen – Independent Women’s Forum
Rob Bluey – The Heritage Foundation
Christina Sandefur – Goldwater Institute
Carrie Sheffield – BOLD

2017 (AFF)

Ashlea Frazier – Hillsdale College’s Kirby Center
Adam Josefczyk – Forge Leadership Network
Kerri Kupec – Alliance Defending Freedom
Christopher Malagisi – Conservative Book Club
Russ Vought – Office of Management and Budget

2016 (YCC)

Pete Hegseth – Fox News/Author
Charlie Kirk – Turning Point USA
Beverly Hallberg – District Media Group
Jessica Jensen – Young America’s Foundation
Thomas Peters – uCampaign

2015 (YCC)

Jim Geraghty – National Review
Kristen Soltis Anderson – Echelon Insights
Mollie Hemingway – The Federalist
Lachlan Markay – Washington Free Beacon

2014 (YCC)

Matthew Continetti – Washington Free Beacon
Roger Custer – America’s Future Foundation
Ryan Williams – Claremont Institute
James O’Keefe – Project Veritas

2013 (YCC)

Yuval Levin – National Affairs
Ryan T. Anderson – The Heritage Foundation
Alex Smith – College Republican National Committee
Remy Munasifi – Reason TV
Will Weatherford – Speaker of Florida House of Representatives

2012 (YCC)

Katie Pavlich – Townhall & Fox News
Heather Pfitzenmaier – The Heritage Foundation
Alex Schriver – College Republican National Committee

2011 (YCC)

Paul Teller – Republican Study Committee
Matt Lewis – The Daily Caller
Peter Redpath – The Federalist Society
Amy Frederick – 60 Plus
Vinnie Vernuccio – Competitive Enterprise Institute

2010 (YCC)

Hannah Giles – Big Journalism
Kristan Hawkins – Students of Life
Karin Agness – Network of enlightened Women
John McCormack – The Weekly Standard
Evan Dent Flores – Collegians for a Constructive Tomorrow