January 4, 2022

The Making of Independent Minds: 5 Book Series’ for the Next Generation

By: Ericka Andersen

With so many modern books being published to promote “wokeness” for children, parents who aren’t interested in that kind of indoctrination are seeking other options. Luckily for them, a few different companies are coming to the rescue. 

Whether you’re a parent, aunt, uncle or friend to a child, you can be assured there are principled, conservative children’s books out there.  It’s important that kids have a wide ideological spectrum of ideas to pull from – and more traditional minds are keen to ensure ideas beyond those of the progressive left are available. 

It’s always true that the next generation is our best hope. As it stands, many public schools don’t seem very reliable in instilling traditional values of hard work, equality and responsibility. That’s why it’s so important for liberty-minded individuals and companies to stand up and stand out. Spreading the word about these efforts will help give more children access to diverse ideas and learn about important principles and people that the mainstream culture may spurn. 

A few book series you may want to check out include: 

1. Brave Books: Empowering this generation’s youth with conservative values so that the next generation will be filled with strong, discerning leaders.

2. Tuttle Twins: Each book in this series focuses on a different aspect of the principles of a free society: free markets, competition, individual rights, the non-aggression principle, personal responsibility, protectionism, and a variety of other issues—all boiled down to core concepts that children of different ages can easily grasp.

3. Heroes of Liberty: There is no better way to pass on the American dream than with a good story. Our breathtaking biographies will do the job.

4. Liberty Lane: To provide parents and kids a launchpad for conversations about principles. Rather than push a divisive agenda, Liberty Lane promotes values all conservatives share: hard work, personal responsibility, tradition, humility, and patriotism.

5. PragerU Kids BooksBooks centered around pro-American holidays, patriotism, values, family, and more.

Are these books just another form of indoctrination, though? The answer, I would argue, is no. The great thing about the United States is our freedom to explore and analyze many different kinds of ideas and perspectives. When one side of the ideological spectrum is overtaking children’s literature, we need another perspective to balance it out. 

It’s clear many families are hungry for these resources and ready to equip their kids with traditional values and a more balanced, accurate view of history. And anyone who cares about preserving these sacred values of freedom and liberty ought to be excited about companies empowering kids to do just that. 

Allowing the public education system and the mainstream media alone to inform our views of history and truth is a step towards destruction. Critical thinking, the study of history and an understanding of why our Constitution is one of the greatest documents of all time are imperative. I’ll be teaching my kids using some of these awesome new books.