April 20, 2018

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What to Listen to This Weekend

By: AFF Editors

This weekend promises to be a lovely one with sunshine and temperatures in the 60s here in DC. Our plans include heading outside to enjoy what’s left of the spring blossoms while catching up on these great podcast recommendations from AFF leaders. What are you listening to lately?

1. “Ricochet Podcast.​ A great way to stay up-to-date about the administration and includes great guest commentators.” – Esther Bardo, AFF-Columbus chapter leader

2. “I have been enjoying the ​Words and Numbers podcast​. I’m a fan of Dr. [Antony] Davies, and he was a speaker at one of our events last year. He and James [Harrigan] have great content, and the shows are pretty fun.” – David Vesely, AFF-Pittsburgh chapter leader

3. “RadioLab podcast​ from WNYC public radio, in particular the one titled ​”Emergence​.” Spontaneous order helps create new meaning of Adam Smith’s invisible hand and to better appreciate and understand the wonder of the free market. “– Annie Patnaude, AFF-Lansing chapter leader

4. “The Jason Stapleton Program. Jason is incredibly intelligent and has an amazing way to convey liberty.” – Brian Nichols, AFF-Philadelphia board member

5. “I recommend the ​Cato Daily Podcast​. As someone who sits at a desk all day, it’s nice to have something that keeps you thinking and brings up new topics that I might like to research further.” – Heather Redmon, AFF-Houston chapter leader

6. “If you haven’t listened to How I Built This yet, don’t wait! Start with the interview with Radio One’s Cathy Hughes, and then try to tell me entrepreneurs aren’t super heroes.” – Cindy Cerquitella, AFF executive director