Law Is No Trivial Pursuit

I wonder if people treated the law as they treat the rules in games, would we really have all of the legal wrangling we’ve seen in New Jersey lately? I

Copyright and the Court’s Right

This week, the Supreme Court will listen to oral arguments in Eldred v Ashcroft. I don’t blame you if you haven’t heard about it; the case has not been publicized

At the Races

It was only recently that Democrats and their parrots in the mainstream media were predicting a huge Democratic sweep in November’s mid-term elections. The Mid-term elections are often called the


Please allow me to preface this commentary by stating that I am not a smoker. Personally, I find cigarette smoke to be rather nauseating. However, if I turn on my

On immigration, Democrats

Last week the Wall Street Journal editorial team took a major step in the debate on immigration reform. They suggested that there ought to be one. Immigration is the most

The President’s Scare Tactics

As President Bush attempts to stir up war sentiment, there seems to be no limit to his efforts to scare the American people. Rather than honestly assessing Saddam Hussein as

Election Perception

The election in Iraq two weeks ago, wherein every single one of Iraq’s nearly 11.8 million eligible voters was claimed to have voted to give Saddam Hussein another seven-year term