Live 8 not that great

Despite what Bob Geldof might think, what Africa needs is capitalism, not a bigger handout that will inevitably fall into the wrong hands.

The libertarian bore

Understanding the implosion of the Libertarian Bore: the perfect mirror image of the Marxist who constantly ruins everyone else’s dinner with his incessant dialectics.

Cameras without borders

It’s not often I get good ideas from the President of Syria. But I definitely gained fresh insight from his recent rant about the evils of modern media technology. His terror is

Above the Beltway

In political Washington we all have a problem. We take our work too seriously, and believe that politics is everything. Baseball reminds us all that there is meaning outside of politics.

Originalism for the left

Can a Supreme Court decision unite the political divisions in our country? It may be possible, considering that both the Left and the Right came together last week to agree that the majority opinion

Listing grievances

Lists–of anything–never fail to cause controversy. Whenever someone or some group declares something–a movie, a song, a person–to be the best or worst of its kind, a flurry of rebuttals

The Dems’ Dr. Death

In January, former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean was telling everyone about what the new, improved Democratic National Committee would look like under his leadership. But five months later, the only