The gambling double standard

Jonathan Kaplan’s Brokedown Palace begins when Alice and Darlene, best friends since childhood, decide on a summer vacation in Bangkok to celebrate their high school graduation. Things turn sour, however,

Interview: Mark Helprin

Mark Helprin, the well-known novelist and occasional polemicist, agreed to sit down with DOUBLETHINK‘s fiction editor, Kelly Jane Torrance, for an extended on-the-record interview. His 1983 novel Winter’s Tale received multiple votes in

Fiction: Twilight of the Idols

“Richard Gere will never be found. Neither will Terence Malick. Christina Aguilera, identified by her teeth. Haley Joel Osment. Samuel L. Jackson. Quentin Tarantino, jiggling on a stretcher so soaked with blood that it looked black as they loaded his body into an open ambulance.”

She stoops to conquer

Paris Hilton made a startling confession to Regis and Kelly last week: she’s giving up sex for a year. “Every time I have a boyfriend, I’m just so romantic, and