Gerson's Straw Men

We all know that Michael Gerson’s theoretical compassion cashes out in practice as a seemingly neverending string of tendentious and condescending attacks on mean old Republicans. But who, exactly, are

The turning tide

I asked for more on Al Qaeda in Iraq being on the run, and Pete Wehner delivers over at Contentions, highlighting a WaPo interview with CIA director Michael Hayden. He

The Strangers

So I reviewed the new Liv Tyler/Scott Speedman horror flick The Strangers this week. I think I might have gotten a little ambitious with my thesis, so instead of quoting

Battle Royale

As James mentioned last week, Battle Royale is a fine example of modern Japanese cinema. And here comes the AV Club with tons more info on the film. One quibble,

Copying without plagiarizing

Ever since I got into the journalism biz–way back in the halcyon days of 2004–I’ve noticed an interesting dilemma: Journalists at large, national outlets will steal ideas and other people’s

Is Freedom Antidemocratic?

That’s a heavily rhetorical question that I might not live up to in this post, but I’ll try anyway for the purposes of casting a sharp, counterintuitive argument in the