Suspending the campaign?

Is it just me, or does this come off as kind of, um, silly? Or, to put it another way: I’m all for McCain and Obama coming back to DC

Sweet, sweet hypocrisy

Andrew Sullivan is pissed that Howie Kurtz wrote about his conspiracy theorizing with regard to Sarah Palin’s youngest child. Sullivan sent McCain spokesman Michael Goldfarb a pair of emails asking

Them's Fighting Words

From the Chicago Sun Times: Charging an extra $3 to pour cheese topping into a bag of Fritos recently led to a scuffle at a Tinley Park gas station. At



I’m a fan of Ross Douthat’s writing. I find his temperate tone refreshing when compared with nearly everything else out there these days. But, frankly, it’s good to see him

Sic itur ad astra

Big robots and big rockets: Some talking points on space exploration for the next administration. Better get on these points, as well as more forward-looking projects like the space elevator.